Like father, likplastic bracelets in bulke son: A pilot shares his story

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It"s always special when childhood dreams become reality, but sometimes the pursuit of a dream carries with it a little something extra. That is, when a child grows up, they become the person they worshipped. As a civil aviation pilot, An Yahang shares details from his life and tells us how he followed his father"s ambition and career. Let"s see more of the pursuit of his dream.

Anwei and An Yahang are pilots for China Eastern Airlines and have a special relationship as father and son.
Three years ago, after many efforts and examinations, An Yahang realized his dream of being a pilot, following in his father"s footsteps.
Because of their different routes, they see each other less often on weekdays. Father Anwei flies long routes, while Anyahang flies on other paths. Occasionally when they have flight missions on the same day, father and son will go to the airport together.
In order to ensure flight safety, only after blood pressure, alcohol and other tests can pilots board the aircraft.
Every pilot has a license, employment certificate, experience record book, flight log and medical certificate.
After arriving at the apron, An Yahang greeted colleagues who had just completed the flight mission, which is the way most pilots meet.
In addition to work and retraining, pilots often give themselves "extra lessons" in the simulation module, practicing various operations.
The complicated buttons in the cabin are like beautiful keys for him. The movement of flying in the blue sky begins here.
For such a "rare" reunion, his family smiled.
In An Yahang"s room, there are well-kept tutorials used by his father.



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