Bomb attacks damage train, rail tracks in Myacountry thunder wristband registrationnmar"s state

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YANGON -- Several bomb blasts took place on railroads in Mogaung, Myanmar"s Kachin state, damaging one train and some rail tracks and delaying rail transportation in the area over the past two days, Myanmar News Agency reported Thursday.

An explosion, which occurred between the Mayan and Namti railways stations in Mogaung on Tuesday afternoon, damaged the rail track and the No. 247 advanced passenger train running between Myitgyina and Hopin, forcing the northbound train to reduce speed as it was crossing a bridge as the train operator discovered the damage.

Similarly on Wednesday, a No. 55 northbound train became stranded at Moehnyin Station enroute from Mandalay to Myitgyina due to explosions that damaged the rail tracks between Mayan and Htopu, forcing the authorities to transport more than 118 passengers by car to their destinations.

Other two northbound trains No. 37 and No. 57 were also forced to stop at Hopin station.

However, there was no report of injury due to the bomb attacks on the rail tracks.

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